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In Belgium traditions are very much alive. All through the year e.g. children have many highlights to look forward to. One date eagerly awaited is december 6th. This is the feast of Saint Nicholas (in Flemish: Sint Niklaas or Sinterklaas). On that day this holy man comes down the chimney and leaves presents, sweets, chocolate and marzipan figures for the children. This feast of Sinterklaas (which is also very popular in Holland) is the most important of Belgium traditions.

In fact this is one of the Belgium traditions that have been exported to many other countries the world over. Santa Claus comes from this old Belgian feast. When you look at the two old men, they look exactly the same, apart from their clothes. Christmas is also big in Belgium. And Santa also shows up with Christmas, bringing more presents and sweets!

After Christmas comes New Year. It wouldn't be another of the Belgium traditions if there wasn't an abundance of food and drink. At midnight there is champagne and fireworks everywhere. More dates with special feasts are: january 6th, which is the celebration of the Three Wise Men, Easter, Carnival (beginning of spring), not forgetting the many folkloristic and historic celebrations and festivals in every town and city of the country.

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